Common Devices Used for the Prevention of Backflow

At times, foreign objects go inside the clean water. This is an occurrence known as backflow that may arise because of a “huge rate of pressure in one area of use, or a harmful pressure in the water line” according to an experienced company in Lakeland, Florida.

Backflow prevention is essential to keep the water supply away from any kind of contaminants. Any home or building structure needs to have the suitable systems for backflow prevention to prevent any damages arising from contaminated water supply.

Different Devices for Preventing Backflow

A lot of devices are present, which are used in backflow prevention systems. Each of these devices carries out the same work; however, the kind of devices to be utilized shall be determined by the water circumstance to be prevented.

Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker

The device called atmospheric vacuum breaker is formed, similar to an elbow and curved at right angles. A valve which is kept inside the device stops the backflow. This system relies on the pressure. This device should be mounted at least 6 inches from the location of the downstream.

A Chemigation Valve

A chemigation valve presents a device used in agricultural regions. In these agricultural areas, the device works to prevent water from being contaminated with pesticides, fertilizers as well as other toxic chemicals. Other components are found inside the valve.

A flapper is operated with the use of a spring, in a check valve which prevents water from flowing in one direction. The device might also have pressure drain and vacuum release. An injection port presents the device’s final component, which makes the chemicals go downwards.

A hydrostatic lock comprises of numerous pipes bringing together a vertical building. The loop needs to be placed overhead (33 feet or more) in order for the system to work appropriately and avoid siphonage and backflow inside the water line.

Double-Check Valve

Normally, a double-check valve is found in systems such as lawn or fire sprinklers. On every end, there is a gate or valve gate that is assembled. The device facilitates isolation and testing. This valve also enables normal and reverse flow.


The device RPZD is used in zones with low pressure. This device is very efficient in preventing contamination of the water supply and is meant to handle dangers found in high leveled areas.

These dangers are known to create severe harm on people. There are areas where this device should be tested by an expert technician each year, at least once.

A chamber is found between the device’s divided check valves where pressure monitoring is carried out. The extreme rate of pressure shall be released via another drain.  The chamber where monitoring of pressure is done is retained at a lower pressure, compared to the one of water supply.

Air Gap

This device is mainly present in a lot of homes. In the faucet of the home, an air gap is found between the faucet head and sink. During winter season, it is suggested that homeowners should turn the faucet on at night.

The flowing water assists to avoid it from becoming frozen. Water which is frozen and expanded will possibly lead to bursting of the pipes. There is relief of pressure also, since water is permitted to flow to a specific region as pressure begins to accumulate, triggered by the water’s partial freezing.

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