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What is Slingly & Who is Ricky Mataka?

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What EXACTLY is Slingly?









Slingly is a new platform that allows you to build your own e-Commerce store on autopilot with you having to do just a few changes. The platform includes built-in tools that you can use to monitor your sales and analyze information. Slingly is like Slinging a product.

Slingly is coded in a way that it will work for every niche you can think of. You can sell both physical products as well as digital products on your e-Commerce stores. Slingly is the new version of a previous software called Commercify.

If you want to know more about the product & it’s benefits, check out a more detailed Slingly Review instead.

Product Features

1.) Works with all products & niches

The platform has been developed in a way that allows you to create e-Commerce stores and use them to sell whatever you want. You can sell informational products, shirts, tools and much more.

2.) Facebook Advertising

This is probably the best feature of Slingly. This function gives you the exact formula to advertise on Facebook. All you need to do is to give a few details and the software does the rest.

3.) Library of Graphics

This feature of Slingly provides you a collection of highly converting images & graphics that you can place in your e-Commerce stores or use them in Facebook Ads.

4.) Completely Automated System

Slingly will take care of all the inventory so you don’t have to worry anything about it. All you need to do is decide about which products you want to sell. The software will take care of everything else.

5.) 1 Click to Shopify & Woo Commerce

This feature of Slingly provides you with a collection of products that have very high demand in the market at this time. You can add all of these products to your e-Commerce store with just a click of your mouse.

6.) Done For You Print On Demand

This feature of Slingly includes Product Lines, Hoodies, Leggings, Sublimation Tote Bags, Shirts, Pillows and much more!

7.) Automated Physical Catalog

Slingly’s team will handle all the fulfilment of products. The customer just needs to build their e-Commerce stores which only takes a few minutes and the products are fulfilled automatically.

8.) Run an e-Com Agency

You can get clients and manage their ecommerce stores and products. Slingly will handle all the fulfilment. You can also create your own products, manage inventory, and much more!

9.) Product Sourcing & Metrics Module

With 1 Click Deployment from Amazon, Ebay & Ali Express.


This module of Slingly will help you to create highly converting Facebook ads that are proven to generate more sales and make you more money than usual methods of advertising.

Okay, we have talked about all the features and benefits of the software. Now let’s take a look at the man behind the product.

Who is Ricky Mataka?









Ricky Mataka is a well-known marketer in the internet marketing industry. He has created many digital products teaching people how to become successful online. He has also coached many people and helped them grow their online business.

Ricky Mataka was recently able to generate well over $250,000 in less than two months using the same training inside Slingly.

In the last year, Ricky Mataka has created about 15 successful products in the internet marketing niche. Ricky Mataka is also an expert in sales.

Ricky is not only a great marketer but he is also a great programmer. In fact, he has over 17 years of experience in developing software. He writes software for large businesses and help them increase their revenue.

Ricky has got over 4000 students who see Ricky as their close friend, mentor and they take guidance from him.

Heater Problems & Their Easy Solutions

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You might require troubleshooting issues connected to water heater or need to repair your water heater. Problems connected to water heaters are normally self-evident.

For instance, if a hot water faucet does not summon hot water, puddling or dripping is noticeable close to the water heater; or, strange noises emerge from the tank.

Below is professional advice for DIY repair and water heater troubleshooting.

The Best Way to Deal with Heater Problems

Even though some firms for gas utility will provide solutions with a gas supply of water heater, they will not repair other water heater issues. You can either fix it personally or you summon an expert to repair it.

Summoning an expert entails waiting for one day or more, without hot water and afterwards paying a huge repair bill. As a result, it assists to be aware of how to personally solve basic outages.

Water Heater Troubleshooting – Lack of Hot Water

In regard to a water heater, a complaint that is most common is that it fails to heat water at all. As electric water heaters and gas water vary a lot, repairing a water heater is determined by the kind. A gas water heater consists of a burner at the base and at the top, a flue; a huge electrical hookup powers the electric one.

Insufficient Hot Water or Extremely Hot Water

Two issues that are most prevalent with hot water heaters are that they emit water which is either insufficiently hot or extremely hot.  Prior to you taking any other step, regulate the dial for temperature on the water heater’s front.

Wait for some time and then check the temperature of the water at a faucet. However, if regulating the temperature dial is not effective, attempt the methods below for troubleshooting.

Insufficient Hot Water

A water heater which is undersized is normally to blame if it appears as if you always have insufficient hot water in your residence. In case this is a recurrent issue, or your needs have increased for hot water and a huge new soaking tub has been installed or a shower head of high-flow, it is possible that you shall require to obtain a water heater which is new and larger.

Ensure you check tankless water heaters as with this kind, you never lack hot water. But, if of late, you have had sufficient hot water but all of a sudden your water heater appears to supply reduced hot water, first check the water heater’s dial as mentioned earlier. After this, follow the troubleshooting advice for water heater.

Note that in case there is a significant drop in outdoor temperature, your water heater is forced to work a lot harder to heat and sustain the cold inbound water. The water undergoes more heating since it travels via pipes which run via unheated spaces.  So, it is necessary for the water heater to be adjusted to a temperature which is slightly hotter.

You should also ensure that there is no leakage on your water heater. Examine its base for indications of water. In case none of these two are the issue, to get the mineral deposits out flush the water heater tank. These lower the efficiency of the heater.