My Advertising Pays Explained in a Nutshell

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There are honestly dozens of business models similar to MAP but each of them lacks one thing in common; that is community. It’s not really hard to increase the count of members in the databases, rather what truly matters is the quality embedded inside. Just like a Facebook page with 10,000 quality followers is better than 100,000 with not even 10% fans active. I adore the company, not because it fills my pocket with dollars — while that is indeed a reason, but I believe it’s the community and the people that makes this place so special. It feels like home, seriously.

Hundreds of thousands of people are connected with each other on this platform, sharing their stories everyday that are life-changing and inspiring. It vanishes the the selfish mentality rooted inside the people, as it puts everyone in the “win-win” situation. MAP Events Calendar is always filled with fascinating network meetups where people get to socialize with other MAPPERS and potential referrals. Leaders from allover the world visit important events — different cultures, languages, fashion and food are the things loved by the members. All in all, you get to experience astounding things and form new relationships.

The advertising products offered by the company are of fine quality, benefiting the businesses with their sales and awareness. This company laid its foundations on the basic principle of empowering the community members to create a positive environment. This reminds me of Zig Ziglar, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will help just enough people get what they want.” It seems like the management is really working according to the quote.

One of the best things that I personally cherish is that MAP not only enables financial freedom in your life, but also rewards quality time for yourself and your family. As they say knowledge is power, the number of book readers are very low that is something to be focused on. The reasons include lack of financial freedom, workload, expensive education, bills, car expenses and so on. MyAdvertisingPays enables the people to work from anywhere, anytime and it honestly takes 10 minutes or even less!

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot take this business on the next level. Trust me, some people don’t even consider this as a side business but literally earns their bread & butter by working in the company, promoting its activities and traveling the world for spreading the word out. For this purpose, the company has a sister site that supplies training materials, marketing flyers and other stationery to create a professional image.

Internet marketers are promoting digital products and eBooks on the company’s platform to earn commissions that gives an extra edge in their earnings. Some people claim that the traffic MAP provides is merely cold, but such isn’t the case. One has to distinctly understand the audience before setting a campaign. I personally believe that people are interested in moneymaking methods, investment opportunities and other similar business models such as Traffic Monsoon etc.

And this was My Advertising Pays in a nutshell.

Inbound Marketing and Its 4 Crucial Stages for Ultimate Success

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Inbound Marketing

It’s all about the right kind of visitors on your site and then converting them into as happy as a sandboy customers. For a quite long period, the emphasis had been on the search volume rather than the quality of the incoming visitors. Mercifully, the trend has been aligned towards the quality factor and thus the quantity of visitors has seen a drastic change. It all starts with a problem your audience is currently facing. They just wanna smash the goddamn keyboard already! But wait, you can do something to calm the situation; provide a feasible solution.

Gone are the days when you had to spend massive amounts of cash on traditional marketing methods & techniques; while they still work today but the behavior of consumers have changed in the recent years. They’re now looking for you but you’ve to produce content that meets their specific needs and interests. With that being said, presenting you the 4 crucial stages of Inbound Marketing which are as important as journalists write about Kardashians.

4 Crucial Stages



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Suppose you’re getting married and you choose a nice and beautiful venue, just like your wife. You start the hassle work of invitation cards. You don’t want random dudes showing up with their fake girlfriends, but only your close relatives and friends. Such is the case with visitors; attracting the right kind of visitors can really make your game and is the absolute formula for ultimate success.


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Whoop-de-doo! It’s time to roll up your sleeves and start the real action. Qualified visitors are approaching like an avalanche, now you’re gonna launch the second missile to convert the visitor by getting their contact information. There are several ways to ask for their basic information (name & email address) but the best among them is to provide pure value. It can be in the form of free eBooks relevant to their interests, infographics, training videos and honestly anything that flickers in your mind.


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The energy and efforts are of no use if you cannot convert the visitors into customers. You’ve to follow a strategy of throwing the right content at the right time at them. By “throwing” it doesn’t mean that you literally throw pointless content just like the old books are given to the soldiers, it means you’ve to maintain a level of consistency and naturalness. Educating your leads will shorten the sales process and thus victory.
The game isn’t over yet. In fact, it just got serious. While customer acquisition plays a life-and-death role in business development, you simply cannot neglect the power of keeping your current customers happy. Monitor them, take quick surveys and give exclusive content, which in turn they’ll drive referral business.

How SEO Controls the Web and Impacts Your Online Business

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Gone are the days when businesses only relied on the traditional marketing techniques and TV commercials. Bill Gates perfectly said, “If your business isn’t on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” That makes vivid sense. So, what’d you do if you were looking for variety of cake recipes? Latest cricket news? Or perhaps online games? Chances are you’ll search it on Google or other search engines.

We’re all dependent on search engines, so much so that the word “google” is now in the Dictionary that means “searching the web using Google”. More than 3 billion (3,000,000,000) people are now connected to the Internet around the world and they use search engines to lookup for desired information, with Google being the most popular in the industry.

Understanding Search Engines


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Search engine is an efficient computer program that returns information relevant to the query specified by the user that is you. When a user enters something in the search box of a search engine and hits enter, the search engine goes through billions of websites & documents on the Internet and returns useful results.

When you search for “Lion” in Google, it’ll show you information on Lion along with related pictures and other cool things. Why didn’t Google show monkeys instead? Well, because it’s irrelevant. The moment you searched for “Lion”, the program started to process through billions of webpages on the World Wide Web (WWW) and prompted results that best matched your query. And this process is usually done in milliseconds.

Search Engine Optimization

Although there are hundreds of search engines on the Web, but Google remains the big gun in the market with 65% control on search as of 2015. Most of the traffic on websites come through Google so this is where majority of the SEO experts focus on. Launching a website is of no use if you don’t do SEO on it. Search Engine Optimization is the collection of different strategies, methods and techniques used to drive traffic by ranking the websites in SERP (search engine results page) that normally shows 10 results per page.

Let me give you a nice example: If you open a restaurant in desert, chances are you’ll get zero visitors or customers, because no one lives there. Nobody even knows that your restaurant exists. It’s just like launching a website without ranking it.

On the other hand, if you open a barber shop in the busiest bazaar of your city, most likely you’ll get new customers and visitors. Just like a website that has been ranked and optimized. Traffic is the fuel that oils your journey.

What It Means for You

Now you know the importance of search engine and its optimization, let’s talk a little bit about how Search Engine Optimization can make or break your game if you’re a startup or planning to use Internet to drive new customers, sales and profits. There are dozens of case studies available that clearly show how companies dramatically increased their profits & ROI and online visibility with the help of Search Engine Optimization.

If you think just by creating your professional site on WordPress will drive you traffic, then I’m afraid you’re completely wrong. Nobody will even know your business, unless you’ve a strong idea that spreads like a viral disease. Doing the right SEO requires great level of technical expertise.

Personally speaking, Search Engine Optimization is the best investment you’ll ever make. There are countless benefits of Search Engine Optimization but the most emphasized one is the right traffic, which undoubtedly means increase in profits.


If you don’t have the technical expertise then you’ve 2 options: either hire an SEO agency to do all the nerdy stuff for you which is quite expensive or learn yourself. Web is filled with gold nuggets scattered here and there with training materials on Search Engine Optimization and other topics correlated with it. There are myths, lies and confusions in SEO theory so it’s recommended to confirm the information by different sources.